Joy of Visualization

Joy of Visualization The Joy of Visualization:75 Creative Ways To
Enhance Your Life

Valerie Wells

The 75 visualizations are powerful, fun, interactive mental tools

that help you improve key aspects of your life:

  • Achieve Goals
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Income
  • Strengthen Health
  • Solve Problems
  • Spark Creativity
  • Expand S u c c e s s


A visualization might guide you to: 

  • Welcome the arrival of your success ship.
  • Arrest the inner varmint who shoots holes in your goals.
  • Absorb physical and emotional tension with healing cloths.
  • Create a center of power in your mind.
  • Expand your room for happiness.
  • Fill up your money pool and dive in.
“As the mind/body connection becomes more and more apparent,it is books such as this that help us lovingly make that connection in our lives.”

— Harvey Diamond, author of Fit for Life

Order your “Joy” online at Visit Valerie’s Amazon Author’s Page: Or call: Chronicle Books: 1-800-722-6657Price: $10.95 + S & H
ISBN: 0-87701-765-4

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